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Flugzeugkabine genehmigt

Strict regulations concerning the size, capacity and type of products that can be carried in our hand luggage onboard, have surely troubled many of us at least once. That's why we decided to carefully create selected gift sets with the aroma of Greece, that can easily “travel“ with you!

Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil Premium Edition
Luxury liquid gold Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil it not only a gift it is supreme luxurious cosmetic product.
€9,50 exklusive Versand
entspricht €95,00 pro 1 lt
Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive OIl Ritual Bloom 100ml Gift Pack
Bio Ritual Bloom 100ml Olivenöl in Geschenkbox. Es wird in einer luxuriösen weißen Box mit goldenem Aufdruck geliefert.
€11,80 exklusive Versand
entspricht €118,00 pro 1 lt
Special Limited Edition of organic & filtered Ritual Bloom Early Harvest Olive Oil “Agourelaio” 100ml
Organisches und gefiltertes Olivenöl der frühen Ernte, Agourea-Öl. Es wird in der luxuriösen, goldbedruckten Geschenkbox für besondere Geschenke geliefert.
€13,50 exklusive Versand
entspricht €135,00 pro 1 lt